Babyshambles singer in trouble...

Indie icon Pete Doherty has been arrested yet again after falling foul of the law in Gloucester.

Pete Doherty has a rap sheet longer than Gandalf's beard. The songwriter was once banged up for breaking into band mate Carl Barat's flat, claiming he was attempting to retrieve a harmonica he had given his fellow Libertine.

Since the, the singer has had numerous scrapes with the long arm of the law. Pete Doherty was fined after breaking local by-laws in Dundee, drinking in public with a few friends. Babyshambles have been viewed as a risk by police before, who would not allow the band to fulfil a festival appearance last year.

Most recently, Pete Doherty was found slumped in the toilet of an air plane with a syringe by his side. Drugs were allegedly discovered on the indie singer, who was arrested by Swiss police and then released in time for a show in Geneva.

Now back in Britain, the singer has got himself into trouble again. The frontman was arrested by police after being spotted driving erratically in Gloucester. He was pulled over just a half hour after finishing a solo performance in the town's Guildhall venue.

The Wilts and And Gloucestershire Standard reports that Doherty was also found to be in possession of drugs.

"At approximately 12.30am officers on patrol in Eastgate Street saw a car being driven erratically, it continued down Barton Street and was stopped in Derby Road," the spokesperson said.

"A 30-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving, possession of drugs and failure to stop for police, he remains in custody at this time."

Of course, all this police business shouldn't distract from Doherty's music. Earlier this year the singer released his first ever solo album 'Grace / Wastelands'. A mainly acoustic affair, the album featured extensive guest slots from Graham Coxon.

Pete Doherty has been touring the nation for some time, and was recently joined by former La's frontman Lee Mavers at a show in Birmingham. Apparently the Liverpool musician wants members of Babyshambles to join him on his forthcoming album.

Aside from touring, Pete Doherty has also been busy campaigning on behalf of the organisation Love Music Hate Racism. The singer filmed a message to fans, urging them not to vote for the BNP in the recent European Elections.

Pete Doherty has yet to comment on the incident.

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