'Replica' due for release on November 7th

Oneohtrix Point Never is set to release his new album 'Replica' on November 7th.

A bedroom boffin, Daniel Lopatin's productions sits somewhere between groundbreaking eclecticism and rampant nostalgia. 2009's twin disc anthology 'Rifts' allowed newcomers time to catch up on Oneohtrix Point Never, before 2010's 'Returnal' acted as a critical breakthrough of sorts.

Since then, Lopatin has shelved his solo efforts to work on a project with a childhood friend. Inspired by jazz fusion and proto-electronics, Ford & Lopatin added another string to the producer's bow.

Returning to the Oneohtrix Point Never moniker, the producer recently settled into his first proper studio. Owned by Mexican Summer, the studio acted as a home from home for Daniel Lopatin.

Mastered by Joe Lambert, childhood friend Al Carlson came on board to mix the new album. The results contain some of the signatures of Oneohtrix Point Never - especially the commitment to the Juno-60 synthesiser - but moves into some unexpected directions.

At times bordering on the ambient, new album 'Replica' is apparently an electronic song cycle based around lo-fi audio procured from television advertisement compilations. In Daniel Lopatin's own words: “'Replica' has as much to do with environmental, broadcasted, and club sounds as it does with more direct musical influences.”

Due for release on November 7th, 'Replica' will be previewed during a one off show in London. Oneohtrix Point Never is set to play the capital on September 17th, cutting loose at the Rhythm Factory.

Tickets are set to be in high demand, so fans can catch Oneohtrix Point Never at this summer's Bestival on September 11th.

Oneohtrix Point Never is due to release 'Replica' on November 7th. Tracklisting:

Sleep Dealer
Power of Persuasion
Child Soldier

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