It deals with addiction, religion, guilt, and survival...

Ohtis have shared their powerful new song 'Pervert Blood' - tune in now.

Clash caught Ohtis frontman Sam Swinson playing a show at London's Lexington in the opening weeks of 2019, a daring, riveting, highly emotional experience.

New album 'Curve Of Earth' lands on March 29th, with the trio sharing their bold new song 'Pervert Blood'.

A song that dips into Sam Swinson's extensive experiences with addiction, it opens with the songwriter clutching "a small bag of coke hoping it might be enough to stroke out and overdose..."

Heading to a friend's house while strung out, he began to stare at the Heavens, reflecting on his religious upbringing and its lingering sense of guilt.

He continues: "It was a confession to a god I knew wouldn’t save me. On the contrary, He has a record of incinerating whole wicked cities and will turn you into a pillar of salt just for peeking back to see what happened. I cursed Him to see what would happen. Nothing did. I knew for sure I was mentally ill."

"That would serve me well later when I started going to meetings, because a large part of recovery is being able to admit you are insane before coming to believe you can be restored to sanity. I was on a suicidal fast track, so the need for that admission was glaringly obvious. It’s harder for others, and society as a whole, who are facilitating a slow death, who might benefit from some version of that as well."

Musically, it's a deft piece of spectral Americana, a beautifully balanced piece of music whose strength lies in its subtlety; lyrically daring, it's a taut, emotive work, both relentlessly personal and utterly gripping.

Tune in now.

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