Musician knocked off bicycle

The drummer with high rising new indie group Official Secrets Act has been injured after being involved in a collision on his bicycle.

The London quartet are unusual in that they formed in Leeds and cut their teeth on the Yorkshire club circuit. Perhaps a sign of the times, the group obviously saw the stomping ground of Arctic Monkeys as a fertile area of inspiration.

Now snapped up, the band have been making waves recently and are currently on tour with returning indie heroes The Rakes.

However the group were shaken after drummer Alex MacKenzie was involved in a serious road accident. The drummer was "knocked off his bicycle by one car, then caught by a second before hitting the ground," according to a statement released by the band's publicist.

MacKenzie is expected to make a full recovery.

Official Secrets Act are set to resume the dates with The Rakes, but will use close friend Mike Evans as a stand in drummer. MacKenzie will rejoin the band after the tour finishes.

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