Group Talk Up Massive Shows

Oasis have announced a number of massive dates for the summer of 2009, and Noel Gallagher has been talking them up in his usual acerbic fashion.

The band are set to play a number of massive venues, including Wembley Stadium and Heaton Park in their native Manchester. On choosing Heaton Park the guitarist said "I think the last person to play there was The Pope in 1982. It's been stagnant for a few years so it seems a shame to let it do nothing. We originally had a few gigs at the City Of Manchester City Stadium but I think the new owners said there is no need to play concerts there anymore because obviously they don't need the money."

"We said, 'Neither do we, we're just doing it for a laugh'. So Heaton Park was the next suitable venue. The obvious one would have been to go to Old Trafford but that isn't going to happen."

Oasis last played Wembley in 2000, before a massive refurbishment job got under way. Famously, Liam Gallagher was less than coherent onstage during the second night. Noel explained that "Liam (Gallagher) had been out with a Spice Girl the night before and ended up not bothering to go to bed and it was going out live across Europe. I think it was the first comedy performance in the old Wembley. Looking back, the first night was great and the second night was quite skin crawlingly excruciating."

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