Check out new cut 'Observatory Mansions II'
Nicole Dollanganger

Underground heroine Nicole Dollanganger is set to re-issue two early albums.

The songwriter's bold, stark, and decidedly gothic take on folk has an unsettling feel, with her naked emotions pushed to the fore.

Lyrically, Nicole veers between the direct and the allusive, a dichotomy that seems to make her work ever more powerful.

2013's 'Ode to Dawn Weiner: Embarrassing Love Songs' and 2014's 'Observatory Mansions' are due to be given a wider release by Run For Cover, with pre-order information stored HERE.

For now, Clash is able to share new cut 'Observatory Mansions II'

'Ode to Dawn Weiner: Embarrassing Love Songs' and 'Observatory Mansions' will be re-issued on October 28th.

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