And the results are pretty surprising...

A new poll from YouGov has revealed some surprising facts about the UK's vinyl-buying audience.

With black wax seeming to break sales records on a near weekly basis, the pollsters decided to do some field-work to find out who exactly was behind this commercial resurgence.

According to YouGov, the age group most likely to purchase music on vinyl are 45-54, and the least likely are those between 18-24.

Intriguingly, those who buy vinyl are more likely to say they can't get through the day without listening to music - 66%, to 49% of adults in general.

Furthermore, 68% of vinyl buyers will go and see their favourite artist live, while 59% of vinyl fans believe that illegally downloading music is wrong.

In slightly less positive news, vinyl buyers seem to be rather more introverted - a total of 69% enjoy being alone.

Check out a full tabulation of the results HERE.

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