New 'Best Of' announced

Reformed Britpop legends Blur are due to release a brand new career-spanning collection.

Blur formed in Colchester as Seymour, a band heavily influenced by scratchy indie and obscure British psychedelia. Changing their name to Blur the band discovered baggy, allegedly performing on Top Of The Pops whilst under the influence of rave drug ecstasy.

However the band soon tired of trends, and disappointing sales of their debut album 'Leisure' led Blur to have a sharp change of direction. Blending elements of Mod and Skinhead fashion, the band forged a deeply British style of songwriting and arguably invented the template for Britpop.

Ever questing, the group's songwriters Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon soon grew tired of the laddish cockney knees up that Britpop became, with Blur subsequently moving towards the music of the underground American rock scene.

Self titled album 'Blur' was released to acclaim in 1997, and was followed by the bummed-out classic '13' two years later.

However all was not well with the band, and guitarist Graham Coxon walked out of sessions to record follow up album 'Think Tank'. A childhood friend of Damon Albarn, the two were estranged for many years before putting aside their differences last year.

With a Glastonbury performance now on the horizon, the time is right to re-visit the career of this probing and ever-changing band. Blur's new 'Best Of' contains tracks from throughout their back catalogue, including well known singles ('Parklife' etc) alongside lesser known album tracks ('This Is A Low' etc).

The real bonus for Blur fans is the inclusion of the non-album single 'Popscene'. A true lost classic, the track was released in 1992 and has not been made available since.

Blur are due for a busy summer. The band will play a series of very intimate shows before headlining Glastonbury. After this the Britpop heroes will have the small matter of T In The The Park and Oxegen to contend with, before playing their own massive dates across the nation.

Blur are set to release 'Midlife' on June 15th. Tracklisting is as follows:

CD 1: 1. Beetlebum, 2. Girls & Boys, 3. For Tomorrow, 4. Coffee & TV, 5. Out Of Time, 6. Blue Jeans, 7. Song 2, 8. Bugman, 9. He Thought Of Cars 10. Death Of A Party, 11. The Universal, 12. Sing, 13. This Is A Low

CD 2: 1. Tender, 2. She’s So High, 3. Chemical World, 4. Good Song, 5. Parklife, 6. Advert, 7. Popscene, 8. Stereotypes, 9. Trimm Trabb, 10. Badhead, 11. Strange News From Another Star, 12. Battery In Your Leg

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