It's about "slamming the door" on a toxic person...

Liverpool songwriter Natalie McCool has shared her single 'Closure'.

It's been a bittersweet few months for the songwriter, who launched her excellently titled podcast McCool & The Gang but missed out on travelling to SXSW after its cancellation.

New single 'Closure' finds Natalie finding focus once more, and it's a shimmering piece of synth pop that draws on a minimalist palette.

As ever, there's an exactness to her approach, moving from that sub-zero production through to the lyrics.

A song about removing toxic people from your life, it surges to that overwhelming conclusion.

She says: "Have you ever wanted to get over someone so much that you figuratively bury them? 'Closure' is the journey you take to finally slamming the door on that person. It's a high energy middle finger to your once beloved."

"What I imagine people doing when they listen to this song is bouncing around singing the chorus at the top of their lungs - I wanted to create something that is anthemic but also full of humour. Because sometimes, crying and laughing are not so different from one another."

Natalie finishes: "When you are suffering from loss and grief from a bond that's been broken, the emotions you feel are very complex and numerous, the facets of a break-up are many - like a rainbow. This idea interests me because rainbows are always seen as positive, and I believe going through that range of feeling is also positive because it's a necessary process FOR closure."

"So I brought this rainbow idea, which is also a big image in the song's chorus, to all of the creative ideas for the single campaign too – the idea of reflection, refraction and spectrum – what is necessary to achieve closure."

Tune in now.

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