Crafted by Barry Gibbons...

Working late into the night, Myles Manley gradually pieced together his new album.

'Cometh The Softies' is at times introspective, at others surreal, a deep-dive into his remarkable imagination.

Available to order HERE, the remarkable songwriting on the record fuels new single 'Shiteshow'.

Bluntly humorous, it's a skewed take on the world, pieced together "semi-automatically late at night..."

"I don’t remember agonising over the lyrics too much, it was just whatever came out," he recalls. "So it was often later that I would try and work out what the songs were about and it was kind of surprising how dark ‘Shiteshow’ was lyrically."

"It strikes me now as being pretty clearly about internalised biphobia. I don’t think, at the time, I was really aware of how much I was struggling with this, but it helped enormously to get it out there in this song. It’s one of my favourites from the album to play live, the breakdown bits are so satisfying."

The video was created by Barry Gibbons, a hand-drawn affair whose curious expression expertly matches the DIY contours of Myles' own work.

The songwriter comments: "Barry approached me about making a video — he had been experimenting with making these hand-drawn animations and wanted to try a full music video — I bit his hand off! I’m delighted with how it came out and really happy to have this song highlighted like this. It’s goes very well with the other artwork from the album too, like the illustrated lyric sheet on the LP insert (pluggedy plug)..."

Tune in now.

Order 'Cometh The Softies' HERE.

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