Band Reveal Plans For New LP

In a new interview with the New York Times, My Bloody Valentine mainman Kevin Shields has discussed the possibility of the legendary band recording new material.

My Bloody Valentine released the seminal LP "Loveless" in 1991, before going into self-imposed exile for over 15 years. The band reformed to play live shows earlier this year, which have received fulsome praise from those pesky music critics.

In the new interview band leader Kevin Shields claims to own over 100 effects pedals, though he uses a mere 30 onstage. A costly affair, the My Bloody Valentine live experience uses over £200,000 of equipment. In addition to this, Shields revealed that a recent trawl through the archives has brought up some unfinished songs.

The long mooted third album may be about to see the light of day, with Shields set to begin attempting to remaster the recordings and finish off the songwriting.

My Bloody Valentine are currently on tour in the US.

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