It's taken from their new album project...

Maximum Joy were one of the most potent projects of the post-punk era, leaving behind a slim but immaculate catalogue.

Founding members Janine Rainforth and Charlie Llewellin reconvened for a live show in 2015, and since then have charted a number of fresh ideas.

Using the name MXMJoY the pair have built a brand new album, with ‘P.E.A.C.E.’ set to gain a limited edition vinyl release in February 2019 via Janine’s own label, London Field Recordings.

She comments: “The last album that I worked on with Charlie in Maximum Joy was Station MXJY in 1982! The making of that was an experience in itself – it was made in the ‘traditional’ way if you like – for the most part of it we stayed at a recording studio and jammed and played until we got sounds and tracks we liked. For this new album we worked pretty fast and had the first track down and recorded by December. The autonomy I have found in making my solo music could be brought into how we constructed it.”

The new project is about expanding their creative gaze, absorbing fresh influences. Janine explains: “As a collective band Maximum Joy and as individuals and now as MXMJoY – we have always shared the drive to evolve and keep looking for and finding new sounds and grooves that inspire, challenge, and maybe even soothe!”

'Archetype' is a signal of where the project is heading, with its skeletal post-punk arrangement informed by everything from the electronics of club culture through to avant pop, while remaining resolutely in a world of its own.

Tune in now.

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