Musician finds old album "obvious"

The Guardian has revealed, via New York's Anthem magazine, that Moby isn't entirely a fan of his own material.

Although the DJ/producer/musician broke through with 'Play' in 1999 - and reaped no few rewards as many a track (if not all of them!) was licensed for film, television and advertising use - he's now revealed he's not really into the record that made his name worldwide.

"I still don't like it that much," he told Anthem. "I listen to it, I'm like: 'Yeah, it's OK, but it seems a little obvious in places'."

While he added that it was great that fans have another opinion on the album - "I'm thrilled that they disagree!" - Moby himself sees 1996's 'Animal Rights', which was as punk as it was electro, as his favourite. Bono is a fan of it too, apparently, and likewise Axl Rose. Reason enough to give the record a wide berth...

Nah, just kidding. 'Animal Rights' is pretty damn decent in places, and sure as shit ain't gonna feature on any car ad any time soon. Not unless the makers of said sensible hatchback want their audience shitting themselves to rapid-fire blast-beats and primal screams. Maybe.

Moby's new album 'Wait For Me' is released on June 29 and is reviewed HERE.

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