More woe for beleaguered star

Michael Jackson will need to summon up some extra resources of energy and courage with yet another legal challenge against his O2 Arena residency.

It all seemed such a perfect idea. After years in the wilderness, facing accusations over his lifestyle Michael Jackson decided to re-emerge and show the world what he does best - give a perfect pop show.

The singer announced a series of shows at the O2 Arena in London early this year. Capturing the public's imagination fans from across the world attempted to buy tickets with Jackson's website buckling under the huge traffic.

Soon the small run was being extended, with Michael Jackson facing a massive 50 night residency. Immediately doubters emerged, arguing that the singer is simply not physically capable of performing that many shows.

Even worse than that for the singer is the attempted legal challenge to halt the shows. Last year rumours circulated that the Jackson 5 would reform, with Michael Jackson agreeing to perform with his family for the first time in decades.

That deal collapsed, with the promotions company claiming that Jackson's manager signed a legal agreement. With the King Of Pop now embarking on a fifty night stint in London, the singer could face legal action.

AllGood Entertainment argue that Michael Jackson must complete his agreed performances with the New Jersey promoters before beginning his O2 Arena run.

The company filed a suit in a New York federal court, naming AEG Live and Michael Jackson as defendants. Jackson's management company also face action, alongside his manager Frank DiLeo.

Michael Jackson is facing breach of contract charges, with the suit amounting to a possible $40 million in damages.

The singer was due to begin the fifty night run earlier this month, however the performer was forced to cancel the opening shows. Arguing that the act simply wasn't ready, sources close to his family are already claiming that he will not be able to complete the lengthy run.

Sounds like a challenge...

Michael Jackson's O2 Arena run is due to begin next month.

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