"No word of a lie..."

Melbourne's music scene right now is imposing.

The small, close-knit communities that span the city embrace indie rock and electronics, jazz and hip-hop, with every musician in just about three different acts.

jade imagine are signed to Courtney Barnett's Milk! Records, with new album 'Basic Love' dropping on August 2nd.

Released in this country on Marathon Artists, 'Basic Love' is a charming, self-effacing, and oddly moving experience, its indie rock tapestry both reassuring and - in places - surreal.

New song 'The News' is online now, and it's about the disorienting feeling everyone can relate to, when the headlines spin pass in a negative blur.

Singer Jade McInally says:

"I really can’t keep up with the news. No word of a lie. A story about accepting the fact that the wheels will always be turning, whether you like it or not. Sometimes it makes me angry. Sometimes I can’t stay on top of it all."

"This song wasn’t really in the mix to go on the record at first, but [producer/guitarist] Tim kept pushing to explore it... and it became one of the funnest and most playful to record."

We're able to share the visuals, and it catches the band's wry, playful side - tune in now.

'Basic Love' will be released on August 2nd. Catch jade imagine at London's Waiting Room on September 4th.

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