The film stars Brad Pitt as an elite astronaut...

Max Richter has shared a new segment of his score for new Brad Pitt film Ad Astra.

The producer has built an exceptional reputation for soundtrack work, and he has supplied the score for an incoming blockbuster.

Ad Astra is a sci-fi thriller, with Brad Pitt starring as an astronaut who is set to the outer fringes of the solar system.

Searching for his missing father, he pursues a mystery that uncovers fresh secrets that challenge the nature of human existence. As you do.

Max Richter has been working with director James Gray on the score since 2018, and it forms an integral part of the film's mood.

“I first saw a rough-cut of the film in early 2018 and was immediately intrigued,” Richter recalls. “I knew I wanted to be part of the world James was inventing in Ad Astra. After James, Brad and I had discussed some initial thoughts, I began by making sketches away from the picture, exploring the themes and psychology of this material in musical terms. These ideas evolved through a collective process of experimentation.”

“James has excellent musical taste, and a refined sense of how sonic and visual objects can inform one another. He’s also fascinated by the expressive possibilities of experimental music production, so was an ideal fellow traveller on this musical voyage of discovery.”

New piece 'Moon Rover' is online now, and it's an example of the way in which Max Richter utilises recordings from previous real-life space missions - such as Voyager 1 and 2 - in his music.

He explains: “This ‘location recording’ approach allowed me to use actual material recorded at the sites depicted in the story: when Brad is travelling past Saturn or Jupiter for example, we can actually hear music made from the data the Voyager probes transmitted from that site.”

“The music thus illuminates the story in two ways at once: it illustrates what’s happening in the story a traditional film score way, but it also documents the journey in an entirely new way, by incorporating actual material gathered on the trip.”

Tune in now.

Ad Astra is in cinemas now.

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