Punk icon not a murderer, he says

Punk impresario and general mischief maker Malcolm McLaren has stated he does not believe that former Sex Pistol Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend.

McLaren was the manager of the group at the time, and infamously began selling t-shirts showing the pair after Vicious' girlfriend Nancy Spungen was found dead in his apartment.

Sid Vicious would later die of a heroin overdose while on bail. The case has long remained controversial, with numerous discrepancies leaving Vicious' supporters to suggest he was not guilty of the murder.

The punk icon's former manager appears to be one of them. "I was stunned when I first heard this and I still can't believe it," he wrote in a new blog for The Daily Beast. "Sid was capable of a wide range of self-destructive acts, but I didn’t think that he could kill someone, especially his girlfriend, unless it was a botched double suicide."

McLaren has another theory. "He (Vicious) passed out on the bed, having taken fistfuls of Tuinal. All around him, drug dealers, friends of Nancy came and went from Room 100. Money was stolen and Sid’s knife was taken from the wall where it was hung and seemingly used by someone defending themselves in a struggle with Nancy."

"Nancy was no pushover. I tried having her kidnapped in London and put on a plane back to New York."

"Probably, she caught this person stealing money from the bedroom drawer."


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