New album 'Phantom Forest' drops on May 10th...

Lydia Ainsworth will release her new album 'Phantom Forest' on May 10th.

It's her third album, and since the release of second LP 'Darling Of The Afterglow' in 2017 she's transferred to Los Angeles.

Rooting herself in a natural environment quickly being impinged upon by modern capitalism, these eco-centric themes drive her new work.

Describing 'Phantom Forest' "as a play taking place in Mother Nature's vanishing home" it uses three perspectives: her own, Mother Nature, and a Greek chorus.

New song 'Tell Me I Exist' is the entrance point into this dream world, an evocative, spectral, phantom-like piece that dwells in the uncanny.

Never fully revealing itself, 'Tell Me I Exist' is perceived only in glances, appearing in the corner of your eye and then being dashed from sight.

Tune in now.

Catch Lydia Ainsworth at London's Steelyard on April 9th.

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