'Me, My Selfie and I'

Luxia is part of Malmo's creative scene, one of the Swedish city's more instantly recognisable figures.

A songwriter who can be both cutting and hilarious, her outsider stance is actually a reflection of real-life issues she faces each day.

Luxia explains: "I've had problems with depression, anxiety and anger issues but had no help, because I haven't asked for any until recently. I’ve been told I have borderline personality disorder - I’ve been talking to a psychologist for about a year; I’m grateful. It helps alot."

New track 'Me, My Selfie And I' is about the dangers of tech addiction, how inflated ego can lead to disaster.

Stylistically, it's future-facing pop delivered in the manner only Swedes seem able to - intelligent, unpretentious, and fun.

Tune in now.

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