...and it's "very exciting and scary"

Lorde achieved world stardom while still in her teens, with debut album 'Pure Heroine' becoming a global success.

Taking a short break, the singer has now begun to think about a potential follow up. The singer posted a missive on Tumblr, revealing that she recently went into the studio with “some new friends”.

“i took a few months off at the beginning of this year, which was so great - i did a bunch of swimming and driving around and being salty - and now i’m just getting into making the next body of work, which is very exciting and scary but SO VALIDATING.”

Elsewhere, Lorde revealed that she was challenged in the studio to name a song she would blast into space. The New Zealand artist chose Robyn's 2010 single 'Dancing On My Own', which she desribes as: “this song, to me, is perfect. it’s happy and sad, fiery and independent but vulnerable and small, joyous even when a heart is breaking. every line is perfect.”

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