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Synonymous with grime, Lord Of The Mics has long sought out new talent and provided a platform to elevate underground UK street culture and its key protagonists for the best part of two decades.

Originating as a DVD box-set capturing MCs using their lyrical prowess, charisma and wit to gain the upper hand on their opponent in a series of 'clashes', the last two editions have endowed the event with Official Charts Top 10 rankings. 

With past participants including SkeptaWileyKano, and Tinchy Strider to name but a few who took the rite of passage, social media has been alight with Lord Of The Mics Series 8 smoke season talk since it was first announced. The interest and investment of superfan Drake into grime, as well as the genre hitting its zenith in the charts, has ensured that anticipation for this new round is at fever pitch. 

Volume 8 officially launches on-sale Friday 9th August 2019. To celebrate the launch we have teamed up again to present the LOTM 8 Official Release Party at The Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch the night before the drop.

Featuring an exclusive press screening of LOTM8, followed by an evening of grime & lyrical agility in abundance from the LOTM8 next wave line up, DJ sets + more! Guests will be treated to free drinks from 9pm-10pm - so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

The evening also acts as a celebration of our ongoing collaborative energies brought under one roof, one example being the latest Clash Film 'Rolling With... Jammer' executed in collaboration with Rolls-Royce that will also be screening ahead of the dance.

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Event Details:

Thursday August 8th 2019 

Doors: 9pm - 1am

The Curtain

45 Curtain Road, 

Hackney, London


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To get you in the mood, we caught up with Jammer on LOTM and plans ahead.

Can you put into words how excited you and your partner Ratty are for the relaunch?

We launched in 2003, it's been 16 years now and to see the brand still strong and for people to still be excited, plus for it to still be relevant 16 yrs later, is an amazing achievement for both me and Ratty. It you look at what was around 16 years go and what is still around now, there now many things still going strong. So yeah man, I am really excited to come with a new instalment of LOTM. We are going be very prominent over the coming years and we are going to be a doing a lot for up and coming artists as well as etablished ones. When it comes to whether we are 'excited', I think the word 'ecstatic' would be better to describe how we're feeling and I can't wait to show what we can now do as a brand to take this beuond the UK and all over the world.

How will the influx of regional emcees from all over the country given an LOTM platform build upon the the current rude health of the genre?

Involving emcees from up and down the country makes sure that we give LOTM and grime a much wider reach and allows for supporters to get involved where they haven't had the opportunity before. England is a big place and a lot of the music has been based in London so I think that ensuring we include regional emcees on LOTM 8 gives us a much more diverse fanbase and allows everyone to come under the same umbrella.

Where will the LOTM8 regional tour be stopping off?

All the main cities - watch out for all of the updates on both my Instagram, Twitter and all of the LOTM ones too!

What will on-screen in the back of the LOTM tour van whilst out on road?

Classic battles, watching the legacy that LOTM has bult over the years.

How can artists get in touch with you for LOTM 9 submissions?

Artists can get in touch with me directly - if you see me out and about, come up and talk to me and spit a lyric to me. If you're online and I am on on my Instagram live hit me up and spit some bars to me over Insta live, put your clips in my DM's. Post your video clips and @ me. I'm here. If you saying something, say it in my direction and I will hear it.

How have Shure microphones supported this season?

They are a legendary microphone brand it makes sense for LOTM to have a relationship with Shure. They wll be giting all of our LOTM 8 artists with microphones which is really nice of them. Big up Shure!

What have you got planned yourself release wise for the year ahead?

I have my Black Russian EP coming out, I have also go an album ready and I have loads of features on mine and other artists music coming out this year.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I'm listening to a all my LOTM artists, of course, but also everyone around me, new music as well as new comers like Slowthai and others.

Are there any plans for a follow up to revisit former LOTM alumni artists and create some new collaborative moments?

This is just the start it never stops, what you're seeing now is a tiny peak of what is happening. One thing I have noticed you only get out what you put in, no matter who you are and I am here to put the work in.


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Here is the full run down on this season’s clashes:

TOMMY B vs JAY0117

Tommy B is the Essex boy ready for war! He may be from a small town called Molden, but he's looking for a big win and he's not scared to show people what he's capable of. If you want to know what he is about musically then check out the Silencer-produced 'Martian' freestyle.”

JAY0117 is the first Bristolian to represent on LOTM bringing honour to his hometown, and is a fresh face to proceedings. His biggest tune to date is 'Bristol City', produced by Oh91 and featuring Dimpson. He's hitting LOTM to be seen by a wider audience and throw light on the Bristol scene.”

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Ten Dixon is bringing raw energetic entertainment back to London grime clashes. Check for his latest tune 'Only One/Man’s Outside'. His biggest accomplishment is putting energy and the hunger back into people’s stomaches for 'real grime'.”

Tana is from Birmingham, part of the historic Invasion Crew, and he's ready to rage! Honing his craft supporting the likes of Mist, Jaykae, and AJ Tracey on tour with streams hitting 100k and a headline show in the pipeline, he's ready to collect a body and bring it home for Birmingham.”

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Rawza has real grime energy and high level of bars. Considering himself the underdog, he feels he will deliver the shock factor from the jump. Nominated as a one to watch by Urban Music Awards, check out his EP 'Code Name', with another EP slated for release at the end of April.”


Gen is another Essex representatative. He’s a lyrical MC with a technical approach, and bars packed with similes and metaphors rather than one-liners. There’s a debut EP scheduled to release following LOTM 8, and current single 'Nottingham Trent' is riding the AppleMusic grime playlist.”

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Logan debuts on LOTM after only two years spent honing his craft. Bringing fresh energy, versatility, style and bars with him, he's hoping Lord Of The Mics will introduce him to a new wider audience ahead of a release to follow with other Micofcourse alumni later in the year.”

Armz is bringing his A-game. He has passion, style, flow and experience in abundance having been in the game 10 years plus. Having gained notoriety for his 52 Armz project, whereby he dropped a new track every week for an entire year, this year is album time, with a long-player pending set to include big features from Wiley (The Godfather) and other established MCs.”

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T Roadz is bringing the kind of talent that shows no matter your age or where you are from you can get shelly on the mic. Check out his stand-out single 'T 2 Da Roadz'. Created Black Box history as the youngest MC to get wheeled up every time in a freestyle series.”

SBK has that pure grime energy and personality that he brings to the table. Multi-talented and also producing his own beats, check out his biggest track to date 'Get Up!', streaming on all platforms to see that talent in effect. He wants you to know he is here to win.”

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Yizzy is bringing the kind of performance you haven't seen before, as Clash knows after having him perform at Clash Live last year. "It's more than a clash, it's not just about what I say but also how I say it,” he says. πWhen I diss the other guy I'm dissing him with lyrics, with body language, with everything I possibly can." Check out 'Yeah', streaming now on all platforms produced by Mr. Virgo for a taste of things to come.”

“Micofcourse says LOTM is a massive opportunity for him and clashing is something he loves that was part of his come up. He loves the unfiltered approach, and has toured overseas including a radio circuit in the US. Check out 'Of Course', and you can also catch him performing at the Eskimo Dance this month.”

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Jafro is a new artist out of Leicester and key component of the new scene building there. With an album slated to follow his LOTM debut, to find out more dive into the 'Style And Grace' remix that he features on alongside Namesbliss, Melvillous and Prez T.”

Dialect is bringing it. He considers himelf to be one of the best grime clashing MCs in the UK and has been in the scene from early doors. Bringing experience and authenticity to the clash, he's jumped on LOTM8 because he wants people to know more about the genre that provides him a constant source of inspiration.”


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Reece West hails from Alexandra Palace, London, and has already established his profile on the scene. Having toured overseas and put his name about he joins LOTM hoping it will push him onto bigger things. With a unique style and flow he's looking to win! Check out his track 'Walk On Water' to see what he is about.”

F.O.S has passion and energy in abundance. Having performed alongside veteran D Double E, he has already cut his teeth on stage and brings that energy to his clash. Check out his track 'Pro' for an insight into how he handles business.”


“Funky Dee is no stranger to the grime scene and is about bringing all-round entertainment and some positivity to LOTM8. His biggest achievement to date is a monster track doing the rounds in Europe - check out 'Move With The Times' featuring Wiley.”

Mischief is from Hertfordshire and has been MCing since 2004. He is pulling all the stops out this year with LOTM8. He's bringing flows, passion and venom to his clash as he says he's been training for this the whole time. To get a taste check out his freestyle 'Noizee'.”

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