Tune in now...
Liz Lawrence

Liz Lawrence returns with new double A-side single 'Chainsmoking' / 'We Got Love'.

It's a highly creative return from the artist, who recently began working from a fresh slate after a prolonged period of touring.

New cut 'Chainsmoking' has caught our attention, with its downcast visage set against a purring, fragile vocal.

“For about six months after coming off the Bombay Bicycle Club tour, I lived in an empty flat with just a bed, a chair and a saucepan. I’d sit and listen to Sun-Ra records on my own, and it was both hilarious and pretty dark,” she explains.

It's here, she insists, that the deeply held atmosphere of 'Chainsmoking' was constructed. Liz continues: “If you’re an independent person, it can feel uncomfortable or even shameful to admit that you need someone to stick around, but at the same time, in admitting you feel weak or afraid, there can be strength, too.”

Finding solace in music, it's a brave, moving return. Tune in now.

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