...and they're all worth hearing

Wiley has uploaded seven new tracks to SoundCloud.

Music just pours out of Wiley. The grime pioneer can barely restrain himself, and no doubt jots down five or so freestyles in the shower before popping downstairs for some cereal.

The man is, quite simply, a machine. Recently unveiling his Big Dada backed single 'Flying' the MC / producer last night (August 4th) uploaded several new tracks to his personal SoundCloud, registered under his real name of Richard Kylea Cowie.

Typically, it's a varied bunch. For every aggy, chip-influenced instrumental there is another track demonstrating Wiley's tender side. Ari adds some guest vocals on 'Comet' which features some genuinely introspective rhymes from the Bow kingpin, but it's 'Long Reach' which really impresses.

An instrumental, it feels slightly more thought through than the rest - almost as if it was a partner track to 'Flying'. Listen to 'Long Reach' below - find the rest of Wiley's SoundCloud treats HERE.


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