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Swimming Girls

When forced, music can be a lifeless and transparent product – a mere vehicle to flex some sort of automated, creative muscle, but for the Bath-hailing dream-weavers Swimming Girls, being randomly fused together, and simply instructed to “write a song”, birthed a world of high-aiming melancholy that is as unashamedly confident as it is imaginative.

Mixed by Marta Salogni, who has collaborated with such artists as Shura, M.I.A. and Sampha, the band’s first offering in the form of ‘Tastes Like Money’ is a celebration of 80’s, night-drive nostalgia – kissing sheets of Lynchian romance and pandering to the ache and obsession found in the thought of yesterday.

The vocals glide over walls of sonic bliss and cut through abstraction – gifting ‘Like a Prayer’ anthracene and ‘To Here Knows When’ sugar-cane within the same breath.

Self-described as ‘Dark Dream-Pop’, Swimming Girls stop to smell the roses, while pressing thorns against a blushed cheek.

Tune in now.

Words: James Musker

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