New album streaming online...

Pet Shop Boys are streaming their new album 'Electric' online - listen to it below.

Pet Shop Boys are about to chalk up another first. After three decades of making music, new album 'Electric' is set to become their first to be released out-with the confines of Parlophone.

Instead, the iconic synth-pop duo have opted to release 'Electric' through Kobalt Label Service, with the Pet Shop Boys declaring themselves to be "hugely proud" of the material.

They've every reason to be. 'Electric' is a re-invigroated set, matching perfect disco production to Neil Tennant's sharp observational sense.

Awarding the album 8/10, Clash writer Gareth James declared: "Dramatic strings, dubby basslines and a quick burst of male voice choir seem a perfectly logical backdrop for one of Neil’s finest lyrics of the album: the track’s a 21st century disco break-up smash."

Now you can listen to the album online - check it out below.

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