A witty piece of oddball bubblegum...

‘Who I Call My Baby’ is People Club’s latest song. The track is included in their upcoming EP ‘Kil Scott’ which will be released on November 15th.

The indie-pop group is based in Berlin but the members are from all over the world. The ensemble tackles subjects like sexism, racism and homophobia in their songs.

The social commentary blends in perfectly with the soulful, gloomy instrumentals. In their latest track ‘Who I Call My Baby’ they take the stance of fictional character ‘Scott’ who is an unsavoury character that goes through life while creating his own destruction. He is the representation of toxic masculinity and plays this role throughout the whole EP.

The witty lyricism and funky synths are part of their signature sound and are yet again executed perfectly in this. The sarcastic side of their storytelling makes them one of the most interesting new bands.

While making the rounds in the Berlin indie scene they are also going to play a show in London at the Islington.

Check out 'Who I Call My Baby' below.

Catch People Club at London's Islington on November 28th.

Words: Lauren deHollogne

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