'Vapor City' standout gets re-worked...

Om Unit has stepped in to remix Machinedrum's recent release 'Gunshotta'.

One of the stand out tracks from Machinedrum's latest epic, 'Gunshotta' isn't so much an anthem as an intersection. Fusing itchy, intricate Footwork style rhythms with an awareness of British soundsystem culture, it was a dark, mysterious cut which posed more questions than it had the answers for.

Since then, a brooding, post-apocalyptic video for the track has emerged online. Now Om Unit has stepped in on remix duties, stamping his own identity all over 'Gunshotta'.

The results are impressive. Om Unit amplifies the nascent jungle influences, adding an aggy, system-propelled sensibility which takes the track into a more standard drum 'n' bass arena.

Yet those sharp edges still remain. Sure, the producer might propel the UK angle but those stand Juke-addled shapes, those Chicago tones still ring through. It's a bewitching remix, and the best part is that it's FREE.

'Vapor City' is out now - Clash will be running a full feature on Machinedrum later this week.

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