'To The Last' gets re-interpreted...
Little Green Cars

Little Green Cars recorded a rendition of James Blake's 'To The Last' - check it out below.

Little Green Cars are rooted in a very distinct sense of songwriting. Carefully honed verses, well sculpted choruses and powerful instrumentation are the order of the day, with the Irish band boasting a rare intensity.

Currently on tour in Australia, Little Green Cars popped in past Triple J. As is now customary, the Irish group were invited to record a cover and opted for something out of the ordinary.

'To The Last' appears on James Blake's second album 'Overgrown', a track which contains a wonderfully fragile sense of bass weight. Searching for the skeleton of the song, Little Green Cars flesh out the track with their own lush harmonies in an arrangement which is sparse yet deeply effective.

Check it out below.

Little Green Cars' debut album 'Absolute Zero' is set to be released on August 19th. The band took part in our regular Their Library feature last year - check it out HERE.

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