Oldham songwriter breaks down his powerful new single...
Jordan Max

Jordan Max has shared new single 'Out Of Luck' - check it out now.

The Oldham singer-songwriter’s most recent cut it a glorious concoction of old and new with an intimate touch, reflecting on love, heartbreak and regret.

Centring around his idiosyncratic vocals, ‘Out Of Luck’ is reflective melody. The ponderous piano play creates a classic complexion against the modern backdrop, yet the most luminous aspect the song is Max’s vocal contrasts and substantial lyrics.

As songs often do, this seem to have more than one meaning, relating to a range of unfortunate events. “I wrote 'Out Of Luck' shortly after I had come out of full time work to put all my focus into music, and had also just split up with my girlfriend,” Jordan explains.

Delving into the meaning: “It's a song about problems we go through in our lives, and how we overcome them. There are many hurdles we jump over to get by from month to month, and I guess going from living with someone to being on my own and not earning any money, took my sadness to a new level - but the whole thing definitely made me stronger and just added to the fire in my lyrics.

We all get hurt by some of the things we go through, some of us have our friends and family to help heal the pain but for some their lives remained damaged. The gloomy feel to the song is probably also a reflection of where I live, most of the time Oldham is grey or raining.”

Check it out now.

Words: Aurora Henni Krogh

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