'Hypnotize' gets re-worked
Notorious B.I.G.

Jimmy Page has posted a remix of Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Hypnotize' online.

The excesses of the 70s rock superstar brigade are the stuff of legend: limousines driven into swimming pools, televisions chucked out of windows and fish thrust into places where fish rightfully should not be thrust.

But - if anything - the hip hop gods of the 90s can outstrip them... and then some. So in a way, Jimmy Page remixed Notorious B.I.G. makes a kind of sense (or is that just our Friday frazzled brain?) 

The Led Zeppelin guitarist has re-worked his official website in tribute to the fallen rapper, and posted a new version of 'Hypnotize'.

Relatively faithful to Biggie's rhymes, Jimmy Page places an acoustic guitar track resembling 'Ramble On' underneath the original production.

Biggie meets Robert Plant... who'da thunk it, huh?

Listen to it HERE.

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