Featuring George Fitzgerald, Ewan Pearson and Todd Edwards
Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware is streaming three expansive 'No To Love' remixes courtesy of George Fitzgerald, Ewan Pearson and Todd Edwards.

Rightly nominated for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize, Jessie Ware's debut album was a stunning mixture of intent and execution, matching bass textures and cutting edge electronic influences with a remarkably assured pop touch.

Alongside this, the artist has shown impeccable taste when choosing remixes. Production duo Disclosure stepped in to remix 'Running', resulting in a track which arguably bolstered the reputation for both parties up several notches.

Now Jessie Ware has unveiled a three track EP based on album highlight 'No To Love'. George Fitzgerald, Ewan Pearson and Todd Edward step up to the plate, delivering three lengthy, completely distinct remixes which tease out various elements of Ware's music.

Stream all three below.

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Jessie Ware is set to play a sold out show at Brixton Electric tonight.


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