New EP is out now...
The Dark Of The Morning

Listen to James Bay's new EP 'The Dark Of The Morning' - listen to it now.

It's an oft observed cliche, but songwriting really is a craft, something learned over time. For some, it can take decades to fully grasp the intricacies of a middle eight, to successfully shore away the perfect chorus.

Yet James Bay seems to have mastered it at a mere 22 years of age. New EP 'The Dark Of The Morning' is a small yet immaculately formed document, containing five songs plucked from the songwriter's already vast reserves.

Production is warm, intimate - clean, but without losing the inherent dirt which makes Bay so fascinating. 'Move Together' is folk with an innately Irish, romantic lilt while 'When We Were On Fire' is sheer soul music, albeit communicated via an acoustic guitar.

Out now via Republic Records, Clash are able to stream the EP in its entirety.

Listen to it below.

'The Dark Of The Morning' is out now.

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