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'Brandy & Coke'

It's been a banner year for Fekky, and with 2015 drawing to a close he's decided to unveil new mixtape 'Brandy & Coke'.

Out now, the 12-track affair seems to sum up what fans find so irresistible about the British MC. The beats verge on trap while also betraying his London roots, while the rhymes could only come from one person.

Fekky introduces the tape:

"I sat down at the start of October and realised I’ve pretty much been on the road doing shows since I dropped Sittin Here with Dizzee in Summer 2014, and even before that, the shows and lifestyle that comes with them have been so mad (in an amazing way) but I felt a little bit lost in the haze and burned out. On top of that I felt like I’d started getting too wrapped up in the industry and political bollocks, I realised I needed to lock myself in the studio and vent basically, and that’s what spawned Brandy & Coke."

"8 weeks of recording me just going back to being that raw, wild, rebellious Fekky, fresh off the roads. You know how it is. I think my people are gonna enjoy it."

Check it out now.

Plus, check out the video for 'Bitch Out The Bed'.

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