A moment of light in the band's intense rise...
Drones Club

Each new document from Drones Club feels like an event.

The band's live shows are immersive, extra-sensory affairs, matching their nascent sound to some stunning staging.

Working with PMR Records, Drones Club find a moment of light in their intense rise on new single 'International'.

The always-fluid Tottenham based project utilise pop textures, but fuse this with an open-ended, highly artful approach.

'International' is online now, and it comes dappled in summer sun. Drones Club explain:

International is Drones Club’s universal fanfare.
The heralding of the new age promised by the White Crocodile.
For we are all the same, the people and the ants, the rice and the stars.
But let’s start right here, right now on this dirty rock jamming thru space. We, the people are eachother. Lovers, brothers, mothers and others, nothing but half-forgotten family.
Let’s remember that and move fwd with deep solidarity, share our pain and share our laughter for ever after.
We are human to the bone, tear down all the borders and come on home.

Tune in now.

For tickets to the latest Drones Club shows click HERE.

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