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Delta Machine

Depeche Mode are streaming their new album 'Delta Machine' online in its entirety - listen to it now.

One of the biggest groups on the planet, Depeche Mode have matched their imposing profile to a willingness to experiment, a refusal to compromise their ethics.

Fans have long known that a new album was coming, and the question was not when 'Delta Machine' would arrive but what it would sound like. Out on Monday (March 25th) 'Delta Machine' is already creating waves.

Speaking to ClashMusic last year, Dave Gahan explained: I wouldn't dare to say that this is a blues record... but it's definitely influenced by the blues and at the same time underlined with a lot of hope within the music, and also lyrically".

"We get stuck in our ways a bit. I push all the time, much to the annoyance of the other guys sometimes, to keep things as raw as possible. They get a little bit afraid of that, in case we're all gonna get judged. You've kinda got to let go of that. Yes, you are going to get judged, but I'd rather get really shitty reviews than mediocre reviews. I'd rather hear people saying 'what the fuck's going on with the band?' than just "'yeah, hmmm, it's an okay record'".

Last night 'Delta Machine' as placed online as an exclusive stream - listen to it HERE.

Watch out for a series of Depeche Mode features on Monday (March 25th).


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