It's her first proper love song...

Soaraway Norwegian pop newcomer Dagny has shared new cut 'Love You Like That'.

Each song from Dagny feels like an event, impacting on streaming services in much the same manner as that asteroid impacted on the dinosaurs.

New single 'Love You Like That' is typically addictive, with the glistening verse seguing into that gloriously uplifting chorus.

On the song, Dagny noted: "'Love You Like That' is the first proper love song I've ever released. It's funny because I've always been wary of using the phrase 'I love you' in songs, in fear of sounding too cliché or corny, but then I just went and broke the "amounts-of-I love you-in-one-song" record. And it feels good."

"I'm not a particularly romantic person nor am I great at telling people how I feel about them, so this was probably long over-due. If you love someone, you should tell them."

Tune in below.

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