It's a fresh homage to the glory days of UKG...

Conducta has teamed up with Alyss on UKG-fuelled release 'Come & Go'.

Patrick Cox loafers, Ben Sherman shirts, Moschino tops... the glory days of UK Garage are fuelled with a nostalgia-laden iconography.

London producer Conducta can see beyond the shimmering surface, though, and connects with the heart of what made UKG such an inspiring sound.

New cut 'Come & Go' is partially a homage to those raves, with Alyss supplying supple, soulful vocals on top of Conducta's spring-driven beat.

Mistajam loves it - he played it twice in a row only last night - and it's seriously addictive: a UKG banger that refuses to look back.

Conducta explains: “With this single, we wanted to take different approach on writing a Garage song. Rather than something about chirpsing girls or relationships, we wanted something that was uplifting and reflected what was going on in the world. The day we wrote the song, was the day of Trump being elected and we were speaking about energies and how to react when faced with adversity/troubling times.”

Alyss adds: “We had our session on the day of the US election, so while we were vibing music, most of the time was spent chatting politics and worldly things - Collins taught me a lot. Our conversation was reflected in the song message - it’s like when we look back throughout history, there’s always characters, like Trump, that come in to play and stir society up. But history also shows the cyclical nature of events, that people come and go - it’s not gonna be forever”.

Tune in now.

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