Subtle, beautiful, with an immediately classic feel...

Bonobo has shared new track 'Break Apart' - check it out now.

The Ninja Tune producer is now an internationally acclaimed artist, with the origin of 'Break Apart' owing itself to a lengthy flight.

Sketching out a chord sequence, guest vocalist Rhye worked on the track at a studio in Berlin before Bonobo completed the cut in Los Angeles.

The final results sound immediately classic, with the whisper-soft arrangement utilising a wide palette - horns, shuffling percussion, and that loose Ron Carter-style bass.

Rhye explains: “I’m so happy Simon asked me to work on this song with him. From the moment I heard the instrumental track it spoke to me more than I can express in words. Being able to work with an artist that continuously makes me envious, like Simon, is where I always want to be.”

Adorably beautiful, you can check it out now.

Bonobo's 'Migration' will be released on January 13th - pre-order LINK.

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