Four Tops Legend Dies

Levi Stubbs, the legendary lead singer with Motown group The Four Tops, died in his sleep on October 17th, it has been announced.

Born Levi Stubbles, the singer was a founding member of doo wop group The Four Aims. As the soul boom took hold, the group were pulled along in its wake, becoming The Four Tops and signing to Motown records.

From 1963 to the decades end the group scored eight massive hits which served to soundtrack that turbulent era. 'Reach Out (I'll Be There)' was a tour de force, allowing the group's close harmonies to come to the fore, with Stubbs' rich baritone voice ringing out over the top.

Unlike many other Motown acts, The Four Tops remained a team until 1997. In recent years the group have lost Obie Benson and Laurence Payton, leaving Abdul Fakir as the sole surviving Four Top.

Stubbs was a cousin of Jackie Wilson, and his brother Joe was also signed to Motown with the Originals.

Levi Stubbs suffered a stroke in 2000 which lead to his retirement and years of ill-health. He died in his sleep on October 17th.

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