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Led Zeppelin

In the space of just eighteen months, Led Zeppelin helped to demolish blues rock, ignite heavy metal and retreat into folk whimsy.

It's an astonishing journey, one which the band will re-visit on a series of forthcoming re-issues. Originally released in January 1969, 'Led Zeppelin' is a scorched earth statement.

Spruced up for a new issue, the album comes equipped with a live disc documenting a show at Paris' Olympia Theatre on October 10th, 1969.

Largely written on the road, 'Led Zeppelin II' would become one of the band's defining statements. Containing classic tracks such as 'Whole Lotta Love', the album will be expanded for re-issue with a number of alternate mixes.

Exhausted by their sudden rise, Led Zeppelin took off a Welsh cottage at Bron-Y-Aur to relax. Utilising acoustic instruments, the songs which would eventually be gathered on 'Led Zeppelin III' are markedly different than their predecessors.

Re-vamped for 2014, the new edition of 'Led Zeppelin III' offers insight into this creative process via a number of demo recordings some of which have never been officially released.

Check out a teaser - featuring live recordings - below.

Available on multiple CD, vinyl and digital formats, 'Led Zeppelin I, II & III' will be released on June 2nd.

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