Band to tour with The Faint

Liverpool based electro-rockers Ladytron have revealed that they have begun work with pop princess Christina Aguilera.

Ladytron's last album 'Velocifero' was released in 2008 and resulted in their most successful record to date. Acclaimed by critics, the album was able to storm the Top 40 in Britain on download sales alone.

A summer spent playing festivals was capped by the news the group had been recruited by Christina Aguilera to work on her new album.

The band told Radio 1 that "We've got a few songs for her. Right now we're still in the studio. One song is a cover of 'My Delirium'. It's all very interesting work, and new ground for all of us involved."

The group seem to be making inroads in the United States, where they have announced a massive new tour. Co-headlining with fellow electro group The Faint, the new tour is one of their largest to date in North America.

There is no release date for the Ladytron / Christina Aguilera tour.

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