As she so rightly points out...

Sometimes - just sometimes - artists nail their own work better than anyone else can.

Take L Devine's new single. 'Naked Alone' is online now, constructed in a heady 20 minute session with Swedish production duo INDIIA.

In her own words it's a "sick pop banger" and it's difficult to find a phrase that could possibly top that.

Reflecting on the song itself, she added: “I had recently moved from home to London. I was super homesick and didn’t really know anyone yet...”

“I loved going to the studio and making music but my social life was definitely not thriving at the time. Coming home alone every night kind of got to me after a while. When I heard this super feel-good funk beat, I thought it would be a cool idea to just totally contradict that and turn feeling sorry for myself into this super tongue-in-cheek, almost funny, pop song.”

Check it out now.

Catch L Devine's debut London show at the Courtyard Theatre on June 12th.

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