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Kwes is set to release his new single 'Rollerblades' through Warp on January 21st.

This time last year, Kwes was a little known (but hugely respected) London musician whose production work had seen him work with some of British music's most important names. The past 12 months, though, have seen the soundsmith step confidently out under his own name.

Releasing a fantastic EP, Kwes followed this by collaborating on a mixtape with Micachu. Now the producer has revealed plans to open his account for 2013, with new single 'Rollerblades' set to be released on January 21st.

Available on seven inch vinyl, the track comes equipped with B-side 'Rosab'. Beautifully surreal sounds matched to simple word play that pulls at the heart strings, 'Rollerblades' is available to stream below.

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'Rosab' meanwhile has yet to emerge online, although we are told that it is "a messed up, oneiric instrumental ode to his bike. Which in a funny sort of way makes absolute sense...

Kwes is set to release 'Rollerblades' on January 21st.


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