Oh, and BROCKHAMPTON are working on new material...

Kevin Abstract has been quiet of late.

Releasing a solo album last year, the sudden rise and enormous popularity of his group Brockhampton seemed to be taking its toll.

In a new interview with GQ he lifts the veil a little, and reveals that the loss of Ameer Vann was a traumatic blow.

He said: "My problem was, we lost a member from our group. Close, close, close childhood friend, traumatic experience. We put out a fourth album after the stuff, which got us a lot of hype, (and) didn't get the reaction we wanted, so it made us take a step back and made me realise maybe the group should take a break and just live life for six months."

Kevin Abstract continued: "I had already released a solo record, and maybe we could just give that to the label and that would count for a record. I did want to (put out a record), but also I was burnt-out. I should not have made an album. I think the thing that saved my record is, it was vulnerable and it's honest and it's pure. But I personally don't want to make another album."

Taking time out, one of the things Kevin Abstract has been pursuing is a weekly therapy session at his Los Angeles home. Emerging from his friendship with Shia LaBeouf, the actor helps steer the sessions, which are labelled Friday Therapy.

"I invite a bunch of artists from L.A., and we sit in my kitchen. It could be 40 people. One by one, we go in a circle and say what our week looked like. It's taught me a lot," he commented. "A lot of people's issues are just rooted in living alone in Los Angeles, because everybody goes to that place chasing a dream."

So what dream is Kevin Abstract chasing? Well, a new BROCKHAMPTON album, for one: "We want to make a summer album. Feel-good. Not too sad and like, Oh, our life sucks, just more like: Just enjoy what's in front of you."

Check out the interview in full HERE.

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