Plus, she's penned a moving new essay...

Kesha has shared her powerful new single 'Woman'.

The singer's triumphant return has moved fans across the globe, with new album 'Rainbow' set to be released on August 11th.

New track 'Woman' is online now, and it's a glorious hymn to female empowerment - although somewhat curiously it was co-written with two men.

Developing a working relationship with Drew Pearson and Stephen Wrabel, Kesha found two kindred spirits, and she speaks movingly of those sessions in an essay for Rolling Stone.

"It was such a beautiful experience to write such a strong female empowerment song with two men … because it reinforces how supportive men can be of women AND feminism," she writes. "That day was one of the best writing sessions of my life. It was pure raw joy. I have never had such a wonderful and hilarious work day as I did that day. It was one of those days I'll remember forever, because it brought me back to why I wanted to ever start making music."

Tune in below.

'Rainbow' will be released on August 11th.

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