London group prepare debut LP

London shriekbeat quartet KASMs are set to release their debut album 'Spayed' on May 4th.

KASMs have built a cult following with their no holds barred performances, extreme even by the standards of the hardcore scene which spawned them.

Veterans of various cult groups, the four members of KASMs were brought together by a mutual love of auto-destructive, utterly feral punk rock.

Touring heavily, frontwoman Rachel Mary Callaghan has been known to risk life and limb throwing herself into the moshpit and continuing her performance amid adoring fans.

KASMs recorded the album live on a reel-to-reel tape machine and then mixed the material at their studio space with band member Rory Brattwell at the controls.

Capturing a fraction of their awesome live sound, the album will be presaged by the single 'Male Bonding' on April 27th. Former 'track of the day' favourites here on ClashMusic, you can listen to their pulsating track 'Bone You' here!

KASMSs are due to release their debut album 'Spayed' on May 4th. The band are due to play the following tour dates:

8 London Hoxton Bar & Grill
14 Reading Oakford
28 London 93 Feet East

16 Nottingham Radar
17 Winchester Railway
24 London Camden Crawl
25 London Camden Crawl

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