But he doesn't like The Beatles...
Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

Julian Casablancas has given a new interview, claiming to be a fan of Putin-backed state broadcaster Russia Today.

The American artist is promoting a new record with The Voidz, with his somewhat outlandish answers in a Vulture piece going viral earlier this week.

Well, he's not done yet. Julian Casablancas sat down with Rolling Stone for their Rolling Stone Now podcast, and the wide-ranging chat covered some shaky ground.

The singer claimed to be something of a fan of Russia Today, despite it's "obviously" pro-Putin agenda, as it encourages "dissident voices".

He explains: "The dissident voices like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, you used to see them a little bit in the mainstream. And now it's so repressed that people have to go to like, RT, to speak their opinion, and now they're trying to shut RT down. It's almost like the new Star Wars where there's like 10 people left on a ship and that's, like, the Resistance. That's all that left..."

"(Russia Today) is giving shows to Jesse Ventura and Chris Hedges and they're not telling them what to say. Like. if you want to go to Russia and speak truth to Putin, you know, maybe you have to be like on an American television show or something."

"Anyway, I'm not saying RT is the answer, but my point is, is that the whole mainstream resistance to Trump, I think completely misses the point. He's just like a symbolic facade, puppet of the real problems."

Elsewhere, Julian Casablancas said he isn't a fan of The Beatles, and he considers this a creative blessing given their dominance of Western pop for 50 years.

"I have that maybe advantage that I didn't like or listen to the Beatles," he insists. "I feel like that's almost like the branch of, like, 98-percent of stuff you hear. But then there's the Velvet Underground. I know Lou Reed hated the Beatles."

Check out the podcast in full HERE.

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