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Australian rockers Jet are due to return later this year and have revealed the title of their long awaited third album.

Formed in Melbourne, Jet injected an old school swagger into indie rock. The band took their inspiration from classic rock groups such as Wings, Free, Led Zeppelin and more. Debut single 'Dirty Sweet EP' was released in 2002, and despite being limited to only 1000 copies broke the band in the international music press.

Released amid a blaze of hype, debut album 'Get Born' was a blast of old fashioned rock 'n' roll. With not a sampler in sight Jet crafted some hairy riffs and blended them to frontman Nic Cester's rough voice.

Going platinum in the United States the group found themselves touring the world, with their blustery take on rock of yore going down a treat with thousands upon thousands of music fans. Follow up album 'Shine On' was released in 2006, and despite some unfavourable reviews the album almost broke into the Billboard Top 10.

Since then Jet have been touring heavily, with the band taking time off to return to Australia and be with their families. Nic Cester told fans in a MySpace bulletin that "we've just decided to take some well-earned time off,” he wrote. “After touring for, well, ever, we sat ourselves down and realised that, with all the time we have spent away from home, Jet could finally use some down time.”

Now due to return, 'Shaka Rock' sees the band release the material through their own imprint Real Horrorshow Records.

Having sold over four million albums throughout the world, Jet's return is big news for their army of fans. "Jet is a band that transcends borders, which is why they are one of the handful of modern artists with a global footprint due to their compelling music and presence," said Allen Kovac, the band's manager.

In a recent video message to fans, Jet discussed the writing process for their forthcoming album. Nic Cester joked that "we've gotta stop writing…we've got too many fucking songs."

Jet are set to release 'Shaka Rock' on August 25th. Tracklisting is as follows:

'K.I.A (Killed In Action)'
'Beat On Repeat'
'She's A Genius'
'Black Hearts (On Fire)'
'La Di Da'
'Goodbye Hollywood'
'Times Like This'
'Let Me Out'
'Start The Show'
'She Holds A Grudge'

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