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'Tough Love'

Jessie Ware is gaining in confidence.

Completing work on her second album, the Brixton talent is more sure of herself, of her own abilities than ever before. Commenting recently, Jessie Ware said: "I can’t keep going round going ‘oh my god, this is happening.’ I feel more confident and I think that shows on the record, even the way I deliver the vocals is more upfront. Being a singer is a fucking wicked job, but it’s definitely my job now."

New single 'Tough Love' emerges today (August 4th) with an album of the same name set to be released on October 6th (October 21st in the United States).

Alongside this, Jessie Ware has confirmed the full 'Tough Love' tracklisting:

1. Tough Love
2. You & I (Forever)
3. Cruel
4. Say You Love Me
5. Sweetest Song
6. Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe
7. Want Your Feeling
8. Pieces
9. Keep on Lying
10. Champagne Kisses
11. Desire

Here's the title cut.

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