It's a festive re-work...

Jerkcurb has shared a brand new cover of festive classic 'Walking In The Air'.

The song was famously used in the animated version of the Snowman, the festive heart-breaker that combines magic, friendship, and the wonder of Christmas.

Fresh from the success of his album 'Air Con Eden', Jerkcurb has delivered a new take on the oft-performed song.

Finding fresh space in the track, there's a vein of darkness within his rendition that spins 'Walking In The Air' in a fresh direction.

He comments: “I saw The Snowman maybe once as a child, and the whole vibe of that film sort of creeped me out unintentionally; the slow frame animation, pastel colours, cold, dark and minimalist dreary English countryside. Terrifying. Especially the choir boys voice.”

“I don’t think I really connected to it in the way it’s intended, but it surged enough passion and inspiration within me to create this.”

Lara Laeverenz and Ella Rimmer guest on the single, and the recording was seemingly a breeze. He adds:

“Ella and Lara came over and did the vocal take in 20 minutes, and for the B section I did the harmonies on my own because they’d left.”

“The whole thing was put together very instinctively. There was something missing, and so last minute I got this Elvis impersonator convicted stalker round and got him to just chat a bunch of threats and grunts through a megaphone, and that made the final cut. Someone on SoundCloud called my cover ‘horrible, butchered up rock’ which I think is accurate.”

“Anyway, it was fun to do and I don’t really even celebrate Christmas because I’m Jewish.”

Tune in now.

Catch Jerkcurb at London's Bussey Building on March 12th

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